DakPets Dog Deshedding Tool Review

If you’re here, it’s probably because your pet is shedding too much for your taste;

Making your everyday life harder. The loose hair gets in your clothing, furniture, food basically everywhere. One of the best solutions to reduce the amount of hair your dog sheds is to brush him on a daily basis.

The Dakpets Dog Deshedding Tool is one of the most used, cheap and reputable products out there.

Who is Dakpets?

Dakpets is one of the best-sellers of dog deshedding tools on Amazon. 

Even better, they are sold at a really affordable price! $15 right now!

They claim to be able to reduce up to 95% of hair shed by your pet. 

Be advised that those tools aren’t your traditional dog brushes. Traditional brushes are only able to reach the topcoat hairs, while this more sophisticated tool is able to reach the undercoat of a dog.

Traditional brushes do not last long and quickly enough, the hair gets stuck in the brush and it becomes less effective over time. On the other hand, Dakpets deshedding tool is made out of stainless steel and you’re able to manually remove 100% of the hair afterwards.

Traditional Brush
Taken from Petco

Most helpful review on the Dakpets deshedding tool:

This brush comes with a protective cover that should be kept on the tool at all times when unused.

I have 2 13yr old female tabbies & 1 11yr old male siamese cat. I do a lot of brushing. The siamese shreds like crazy year round. He's crazy & has the attention span of a gnat...its tough to get him to sit still for brushing, that is until this brush arrived. He loves it! Upon arrival I immediately started brushing him. Over the yrs I've used many different deshedding tools. NONE WORKS AS WELL AS THIS ONE!

budgetshopper - from Amazon reviews Review

Although, the majority of clients are pretty satisfied, a slim 2% of reviews come from unhappy customers.

Most harsh review on the product:

This comb is garbage. Didn't work well at all. Decided to try and save some money over the Furminator since reviews seemed good. Had a furminator in the past and it was amazing - figured this would be similar. Bad idea. Bad product. Spend a little extra and get the real thing.

DakPets Deshedding and Light Trimming Tool

  • Dakpets has over 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon - No.1 BEST SELLER. 
  • They offer MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE! (If you break it, they refund it).

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NOTE: There is actually a competitor to Dakpets, FURminator. FURminator & Dakpets had the monopole of the deshedding tools market for a few years now. FURminator is much more expensive, you can read our full review on FURminator.

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