Dangerous Things to Avoid Doing with Your Dog in the Summer

Summer is probably the best time of the year for most people and is felt in the whole family, including their pets. This is the perfect opportunity to have fun with pets and family, and there are usually many activities scheduled whenever we are free.

There are, however…  some things that can actually be dangerous to our pets and that CAN be avoided.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some dangerous things to avoid doing with your furry dog during the summer. Some of them are things that could easily be overlooked unless we put ourselves in our pet’s shoes.

Don’t Walk your dog on a hot pavement

In the summer this could pose a problem if you’re surrounded by pavements. The pavements can get really hot and that could pose a health concern to the pet. While wearing shoes, you may not realize how burning the pavement can get, but your furry animal will surely feel it. Even once the sun has gone down, the pavements still tend to maintain a lot of heat. In order to protect your dog’s pads, it is, therefore, best to take the dog on early morning walks or early evening on hot days. If you must walk in the midday sun, get your dog some booties to protect him from burning. 

My recommendation? For the summer, it must be breathable, non slip, comfortable boots. 

My go-to is the LONSUNEER.

Leaving your dog in your car with closed windows or unattached!

Always ensure that your windows are rolled down in your car if you EVER leave your furry friend to go for an emergency. You should never leave him locked in the car during the summer since cars heat up like ovens, and the results could be fatal.

Yes it is, but every year there are thousands of dogs that suffer from this simple mistake, we have to remind everybody of how unsafe it is!

The American Humane Society reports each and every year that there are over 100,000 dogs that die in car crashes, stay safe! Plus, they are extremely cheap! 

Leaving dogs outside

Whether in the summer or the winter, you should not leave your dog outside. There are even some American states that have set up laws against it, such as Pennsylvania. If you must leave him outside, ensure that he has access to plenty of shade and away from people.

Brachycephalic dogs overheating

There are some breeds of dogs that develop breathing problems when left in extreme heat. These are dogs whose noses are more pushed in faces (brachycephalic dogs, and they include breeds such as Bull Terriers and Bulldogs. Others like Japanese Chins even have thicker coats around their necks, which could lead to pharyngeal stenosis.


Watch out for signs of heatstroke, which include panting incessantly, fatigue, slowing down, and refusing to move. This is something that could be fatal, caused by exposure to excessive heat for too long. In the event that this happens, get him to a vet as quickly as possible, dripping water in his mouth to keep it moist. If possible, soak his feet, or the whole body. Don’t use cold water, use lukewarm water, it isn’t advisable to cool him down too quickly.


Bring & Drink enough water

Don’t limit your dog’s water intake during the summer. Always ensure that he drinks water on a regular basis through the day as a dehydrated dog is less obedient.

I feel like this is SUPER important, so I’ve created my own smart DIY water bottle for my dog.

Don’t shave your dog

It would be an obvious one for you to want to shave your dog’s fur during the summer with the best intentions, but it could be dangerous. The fur could actually keep them cool by trapping air near the skin. If your dog is double-coated, the coat could actually decrease the chances of conditions like heat stroke and sunburn. For the breeds that can be shaved such as poodles, leave a lining of coat to protect the skin from sunburn. Those who aren’t sure about what is best for their dogs can always consult with their vets.

Don’t ignore Sunburn

Some people don’t even realize that their pets can get a sunburn. There are canine sunscreens that can be used to protect their skin from sunburn. Avoid human sunscreens because they contain ingredients that could be dangerous to the dogs, such as zinc, which they can ingest as they lick themselves.


Ticks aren’t just uncomfortable, they are also a source of diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Don’t ignore those ticks and fleas when you notice them on your furry friend because they are not only making him itchy, they could also transmit diseases.

Don’t let him swim unmonitored

The general perception is that all dogs can swim, it is generally the case, but not always. Ensure that they are wearing canine life vests to keep them safe as they swim. Even the ones that know how to swim can get tired. You never know when things can go south, make sure to keep them safe.

In summary, you need to be very careful with your pet during the summer. Watch out for the things we have mentioned above and he will be safer during the summer. Above all things, always ensure that the dog has more than enough water whenever you’re out since it will reduce dehydration and cool him off.

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