How Often Should Dogs Be Washed?

Today you’re going to learn EXACTLY how often you SHOULD wash your dog.

The best part?

It is suggested by a professional and famous dog groomer, pet expert, and best-selling author.


Some people believe in washing their dogs only when they become dirty and smelly, while other people only wash their dogs when they spot parasites. 

Today, we’re going to break down this myth for you.

Obviously, the more hair a dog has, the more work is involved, including the frequency of the bath.

Jorge Bendersky

How Often Should Dogs Bathe?

Bathing your dog can be determined by the following factors:

  • Length of their hair: Shorter hair generally traps less dirt and feels less grimy to the touch as compared to long hair, which requires more care and maintenance. 
  • Activity Level: Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors can be found doing things like digging holes or playing in the park. This makes them dirtier and increases the urgency of a bath.
  • Allergies and Skin Conditions: Some dogs have sensitive skin, which makes them vulnerable to filth and more prone to allergies. This factor would directly affect the frequency of their baths.
Now, think about your pet:
  1. Is he a long-haired dog? If yes, this if a factor that indicates your dog may need a bath more often.
  2. Is he active? If yes, this means that his fur is more prone to filth and carry on a stench, which would require more frequent baths.
  3. Does he have any allergies? If yes, you have to be really careful to not bathe him too much and remove him of his body oil that protects his fur and his skin.

Despite that, all dogs should be washed at least once every three months. Some dogs would require a wash on a weekly basis, but this should be confirmed and determined by a veterinarian. This isn’t recommended without a professional input, as it tends to wash away their natural oils that are important for both skin protection and hair growth. 


For dogs with medium-to-large coats, a bath could be needed from weekly to every 4-to-6 weeks, as long as the coat is properly maintained in-between baths.

Jorge Bendersky, a celebrity dog groomer & pet expert

 Dog Bathing Tips

Now that you know how frequently you should be washing your dog, it is time to adapt the right dog washing techniques for the best results. Below are some tips to get you on your way:

Buy Shampoo and Other Supplies

There are many dog shampoos available on the market, although you could also use baby shampoo since it won’t end up stinging their eyes. It is best to go for all-natural shampoos that are also hypo-allergenic since they tone down potential skin irritations and dryness. You should also have a rubber non-slip mat in or by the tub where you’re washing the dog to prevent him from skidding as you wash him, while cotton balls come in handy from preventing water entering his ears.


Brushing the dog before his bath is something to be done as it gets rid of things like tangles and mats in his fur. It also gets rid of any excess hair for a cleaner bath. There are many brushes that are recommended for grooming dogs depending on the size of the dogs and the types of hair they have.

Pick A Familiar Spot

Not all dogs enjoy bathing, and in order to keep them relaxed as you wash them, you should pick a spot familiar with them and stick to it. it is important for this to be consistent so that each time they bath, they know what to expect. You should also consider using a lick pad to keep them busy and entertained as you wash them. You could also consider washing them with handheld showers and warm water. 

Gather Before You Lather

Get everything that you need before you start washing your furry friend because once the washing begins, you’ll have your hands full. 

Some items you may need:

  • leash and collar (if you need to keep him attached & preferably waterproof)
  • shampoo
  • towels x2
  • treats (if he is on his best behavior) are all set.
  • Ear cleaner
  • Non-slip surface

What should the water temperature be set to?

Just the same way that you might resent a cold bath, so might your dog. 

It is best to wash your pet with lukewarm.

How to wash your dog?

Clean from Bottom to Top, Rinse from Head to Tail

Wash the dog from bottom to top, as it prevents the shampoo from entering their eyes.

Lathering the shampoo in a circular motion and paying special attention to places that are more likely to have more dirt, such as in between the paws. 

You can then rinse from head to tail.

Towel (Or Blow) Dry

One of the advantages of covering the dog in a towel is the fact that it helps them to retain heat and reduces the chances of their shaking water off all over the place. On a cold day, you might want to use a dog blow dryer to dry him up faster.

Make It Fun

Dogs like having fun and if you can make their bathing fun, they will actually look forward to it. Remember that your dog can sense if you’re stressed, or if you’re out to have some fun. 

At last, Bendersky offers the following advice: “We should wash our dogs when they are no longer huggable.”


NOTE: Bathing the dog is actually more than just hygiene, it is a great way for looking out for other things such as scratches, skin disease, and other abnormalities so that you can know better how to take care of them.


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