Who is Kobe? A small introduction to a dog’s life…

Hello, my name is Kobe and I recently turned one! I’m a long-haired german shepherd who enjoys the little things in life; I love rolling in the grass, playing with my toys, and lying down next to my favorite humans. I have a small family, but they give me plenty of love and affection, and I give them mine by being a good boy!

Mom is always trying to take pictures of me, while Dad always takes me out for a ride in his car! I love car rides the most, because they mean that I’m going to the park. The other dogs and owners are usually wary when they see me, but I always show them that I’m a very nice boy and I only want to play!

Though, sometimes I get too excited during playtime and start jumping on people, which I guess is very scary to them! When that happens, my parents put me in timeout, but I’m becoming much better at controlling it now. I also like to dig holes in the garden even though I’m not allowed to, but I just can’t help it! Thankfully, I found a new hiding place for my bones (behind the garden shed!), so I no longer have to dig holes, and my mom doesn’t suspect a thing! So I still have many things to learn, but have also been taught so much in my first year of life!

This year, I hope to make more friends, spend a lot of time with my parents, and play all day if possible!

Message from his family:

It’s been a full year since we came home with a little furball in our arms and soon after his arrival, he became our greatest pride and joy. It hasn’t always been easy; we face new challenges on a regular basis. However, they mean nothing next to the cheery moments we spend together, so it’s all worth it in the end. Kobe has always had a good temperament ever since he arrived, so we felt really lucky to have such a calm and loving dog by our side. He faces every day with big starry eyes, a grand smile and a wagging tail. We feel excited and privileged to be part of his life and to recount his wonderful adventures